How to Stop Bots On Instagram

You must get rid of bot followers if you are on Instagram for marketing purposes. Many people buy fake bot followers to increase their follower count on Instagram. However, doing that can negatively affect your brand.

If a considerable amount of your Instagram followers are bots, then a significant amount of money you spend on marketing is wasted. Remember that bot followers will never convert to your goal after seeing the ads you run on Instagram. The reason for this is quite simple. Bots are not real users. You will learn in this article how to stop bots on Instagram.

Stopping bot followers on Instagram involves two separate steps. You first have to identify which of your followers are bot accounts. The second step is getting rid of those accounts.

Identifying a Bot Account

A golden rule for identifying bot accounts on Instagram is to look for their post followers ratio. If you see an account that has posted very little or no posts but has thousands of followers, it is likely a bot account.

The posts shared by bot accounts are usually unrelated and low-quality images. You should consider it a big red flag if you see such an account with thousands of followers. Check your followers on Instagram and use the above rule to identify bot accounts.

Get Rid of the Bot Account

You can get rid of a bot follower in three different ways. You can either remove it from your followers list, block it, or report it. Locate the bot account in your followers list and tap the three dots next to it. Now, select the Remove option to remove the account from your followers list.

Removing the account may not be the ideal decision as it will enable the bot to follow you again. It might be better to either block the account or report it.

Blocking the account is more effective as it will prevent the bot from ever following you again in the future. The third choice, reporting the account, will prevent the account from ever following an Instagram. Instagram will investigate the account you have reported and permanently block it if it is found to be a bot account.

Here is how you can block or report a bot account on Instagram.

Step1: Visit the profile page of the bot account.

Step2: Tap the three small dots in the top-right of the screen.

Step3: Select the block option to block the account. If you want to report the account, tap the report option. Then, select Report Account. Afterward, tap “It’s posting content that should not be on Instagram.” Finally, tap the “It’s spam” option.

Instagram also has AI algorithms to identify and delete spam accounts. The platform is also trying to delete the likes made by bot accounts. However, you might not want to wait for them to delete the bot accounts that follow you. It is because the automatic process may take much time. It is much faster and more efficient to get rid of bot accounts manually.

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