How to Download Instagram Reels Audio As Mp3

Instagram does not let users download reels with music when the music is taken from the Instagram music library. When you download these kinds of reels to your device, it gets stored without the music.

However, you may want to download the audio from those reels and use it in your videos. Luckily there is a way to download Instagram reels audio as MP3.

We have broken down the process of downloading reels music in the Mp3 format into two parts. The first part will show you how to download reels music, and the second part will explain how to convert it into Mp3 format.

Part1: Download Instagram Reels Audio 

Step1: Tap the reel whose audio you want to save to your device.

Step2: Tap the audio link in the bottom-left of the reel.

Step3: Tap the three-dotted menu in the top-right corner and select Copy link.

Step4: Go to this link on your mobile’s browser and paste the link you copied in step3 in the box with the text ‘Enter Instagram video url.’ Afterward, hit enter.

Step5: Long-press the “Save link as” button, then choose Download link.  

You have successfully downloaded the audio used in the reel on your device. You can access the audio file in the Downloads folder of your device.

Note that you have downloaded the audio track in M4A format. However, you can convert it to MP3 with the help of an online audio converter program.

Part2: Change Reel audio Format to MP3

Step1: Go to Cloudconvert on your mobile browser.

Step2: Tap Select File and locate the audio file you downloaded earlier.

Step3: Tap Convert to convert your audio file into MP3.

Step4: Tap the Download button after the completion of the conversion process.

You can access the downloaded MP3 audio file on an iPhone by launching the Files app > On My iPhone > Downloads. On Android, you will find the audio file in the Audio or Downloads folder inside the File Manager.

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