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Every social media platform is a hub of trends that emerges every other day. A few days back “Mental Age Test” & “What Human Feeling Are You” trends were taking over TikTok.

Now, the symbol trend has become everyone’s obsession.

Symbol Trend is quite simple and easy. Here, people change their crushes’ names or something into weird symbols and post them on social platforms including TikTok, Instagram & More

Users are challenging their followers to decode the symbols and find out the hidden secret in them.

Let’s first see how you can join the trend, then find out how you can decode other’s symbols.

How to Do the Symbol Trend

Step 1: Go to this link – Instafont Symbolq on Telegram 2.

Step 2: Type the text that you want to change to symbols.

Step 3: Copy the translated symbol and paste it to your social profiles.

You can now give your friends or followers a dare to decode those complex fonts.

How to Translate Others’ Symbolq Telegram 2 Fonts

InstaFonts doesn’t have an option to reverse the symbol to their original characters. Here’s a simple trick to translate the symbol.

This only works if the symbols have been generated from here – InstaFonts.

Step 1: Translate all the alphabet letters “a-z” using the same tool.

You just need to input all the letters on the left box and their corresponding symbols will appear on the right.

Step 2: Find someone’s symbols you want to translate, then match them with the respective letters found in step 1.

This task might be tedious but this is the only way to decode the symbols.

Is Symbol Telegram 2 Translation Available On Google?

There is no translator available on Google which can help you translate the fonts generated from “symbolq on telegram 2” on

Google Translate won’t be able to decode those symbols, it is only used for translating languages.

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