How to Delete Funimation Account

Funimation is an entertainment company that offers users a large collection of anime- Japanese animation. The entertainment platform is subscription-based. So, you have to pay to enjoy the services on Funimation. You can cancel your subscription to Funimation any time you want.

However, the process of permanently deleting your Funimation account is not very simple. You will learn in this article how to delete your Funimation account.

How to Delete Funimation Account

You can follow the below step-by-step guide to delete your Funimation account.

Step1: Visit using your mobile or computer browser.

Step2: Click on the Contact Us option that appears at the bottom of the screen. Now, the screen will show you Submit a Request form.

Step3: Fill in your email address and other details in the relevant fields in the Submit a Request form. You need to select the Subscription option under the “How can we help you?” field. After selecting Subscription, choose the “Cancel or Delete Account” option.

Step4: You will also have to provide a brief description of your request under the “Description” field. After you have filled all the necessary fields in the Submit a Request form, hit submit. A Funimation support staff will respond to your request shortly after submitting the form.

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