How to Get Rid Of Fake Followers On Instagram

Fake followers are accounts that follow you but do not engage with the content you share. Having too many of them will negatively impact your engagement on Instagram.

Are you annoyed with your fake followers? If yes, you must try to get rid of them from your profile. Here’s how you can do that.

How to Remove Fake Followers On Instagram

Many apps and sites claim that they can identify and remove your fake followers. But most of them are not trustworthy. They also ask you to provide your login credential, which is not safe to share. Moreover, while cleaning up fake followers, you may also end up losing your real followers.

So, it is not advisable to use third-party services. The best way to get rid of your fake followers is to remove them manually.

Before removing followers, you have to identify the fake or inactive accounts that are following you.

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Here are some signs that will help you spot the fake followers:

  1. Fake accounts usually have a large number of Following compared to the number of their Followers.
  2. Their profile picture looks unrealistic.
  3. They usually have a weird or meaningless username. For instance, if an account has too many numbers in the username, it may be fake.
  4. They share low-quality content on their profile.
  5. They have a low engagement rate on their posts.
  6. They usually do not interact with your or others’ posts or stories.
  7. They make spam comments on others’ posts.

Use the above-mentioned properties to identify fake followers.

Now, go to your profile, then tap the Followers tab. Tap Remove next to the user you want to get rid of. Then confirm your decision by tapping Remove again. They won’t be notified that you removed them.

You don’t have an option to remove fake followers all at once, you need to remove them one by one. This task could be tedious if you have hundreds of fake followers.

Instagram also has the Least Interacted With section, where it shows followers you’ve least interacted with in the last 90 days. To see them, tap Followers on your profile, then tap Least Interacted With under the Categories section. Whoever you think is fake, tap Remove next to their profile.

Note: Not all your followers shown in the Least Interacted With list are fake. You need to identify them yourself.

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