Instagram DMs Not Working 2022 – How to Fix the Glitch

A few days back, Instagram was facing outages like – Instagram Messages Black Screen & Unable to use Effects.

Recently, many users have reported that Instagram DMs are not working as usual. They just disappear as if there has been no conversation.

Here are some possible fixes that you can try out.

How to Fix the Instagram DM Glitch

As of now, the issue seems to appear only on Android.

Method 1: Wait For A Few Hours

It seems that the issue is just a temporary bug. Once the Instagram team identifies the glitch, your messages will work as usual.

Method 2: Update Instagram

If your app isn’t updated, make sure to update it to the latest version.

Method 3: Clear Instagram Cache

Here’s how to clear the Instagram cache.

Method 4: Use Instagram Web

Log in to your Instagram account on your mobile browser or computer.

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