Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Post in 2021?

The human mind is always filled with curiosity and yours might be too.

If you post a lot on Instagram, you might be curious to know who has viewed your photo.

In fact, one of the most searched questions is ‘Can I see who viewed my Instagram post?’. If you’re looking for the same, your search ends here.

Let’s dive into the same and find out if you can see your post viewers.

Unfortunately, Instagram has no feature to track who has viewed your Instagram posts. You can only see the number of likes and comments the post has got but not the ‘viewers list’.

Seeing the “viewers list” is possible only in the case of Instagram Stories.

You can’t see who viewed your Instagram post be it a photo, video, reel, or an IGTV video. However, you can see the view counts of a video post, a reel, and an IGTV video.

You can follow some workarounds to figure out who has viewed your post. However, this doesn’t guarantee you to see all your viewers but can help to some extent.

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Post

Using some of the stats like – the likes and the comments, you can have a rough idea about who saw your posts.

Using Likes

An Instagram post can’t be liked without being seen. Checking the list of people who have liked your post will help you to find out who has viewed your post.

Go to your post and tap the likes list to open the list of people who have liked the post.

Using Comments

It’s obvious, people who have commented on your post have seen it.

Looking for the users who have commented on your post will give a rough idea of the Instagram post viewers.

The comments list can be accessed by going to your post and tapping the comment icon.

Repost the Same Post to Your Story

As you can track the viewers of your Instagram Story, you can repost the post to your story and inspect the ‘Viewers List’. This will give an insights of your post viewers as well.

1) Tap the airplane icon below your post.

2) Tap Add post to your story.

3) Send it to your story.

Now, you can keep an eye on your ‘Story Viewers List’.

Third-Party Apps – Do They Work?

There are some third-party tools that claim to do the same job. But, do they work effectively?

The answer is NO. Instagram itself doesn’t provide the data to its users nor to any of the third-party services.

It is advisable to stay away from such fake tools to safeguard your privacy. These tools can’t show who viewed your posts. Even if they show the list, they are randomly genarated from your ‘Followers List’.

It’s not worth wasting your time on such online tools or apps.


There is no inbuilt feature on Instagram to see who viewed your Instagram posts. As mentioned above, you can use ‘likes & comments’ to get an idea about your post viewers.

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