How to Like Messages On WhatsApp 2022

Unlike Facebook Messenger and Instagram, WhatsApp doesn’t offer you a feature to react to messages with emojis.

A few months back, it was reported that WhatsApp has started working on the same which will allow users to react to messages. Though the feature has not been rolled out worldwide, some users have got this new feature on their devices.

However, the ability to react to specific messages is not yet available for all WhatsApp users. It is expected to roll out soon.

Note that you can increase your chances of getting the message reaction feature by updating WhatsApp to the most recent version or joining the beta program if available.

If you can access the feature on WhatsApp, then follow the guide below to like messages in the chats.

How to Like WhatsApp Messages

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your mobile device and open the chat containing the message you want to like.

Step 2: Locate the specific message you want to like in the chat.

Step 3: Tap and hold the message. The screen will show you a collection of six emojis. You can choose any available emojis to react to the selected message.

Step 4: To like the message, you can either select a like or a heart icon.

The Like reaction will appear at the bottom right of the particular message.

That’s it! You have successfully liked the message on WhatsApp.

Video credit: Android Apps Junction YT

WhatsApp hasn’t announced the official worldwide rollout of the feature yet. However, it is expected to arrive this year. The feature may be tested with beta users first and rolled out gradually for all the users.

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