How to Underline Text on WhatsApp

Sometimes you want the text messages to appear different from the normal text.

You might be looking to highlight some of the important words in a text message. Some of the ways to highlight text are – bold, italic, and underlined.

Making a text bold & italic is easy in WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to do them, here are the articles.

In this blog post, I will be helping you to make your text messages underlined in WhatsApp.

How to underline words in WhatsApp messages

By default, there is no option inside the app to make a text underlined. You need to use a third-party tool to generate underlined text and paste it into the WhatsApp chat.

Here I will be using a website to generate underlined text. Below are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Visit the site fancyfonts in your browser

Step 2: Type the text in the text box as in the image below

How to Underline Text on WhatsApp

Step 3: It will show you 5 different variants of underlined text

Step 4: Select any one of them & click on Copy

Step 5: Now open your WhatsApp and select the one to whom you want to send the text

Step 6: Paste the text into the chat-box and hit “send”.

An underlined text message will be delivered to the other side.

That’s how you can send an underlined text message on WhatsApp.

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