WhatsApp Camera Zoomed in Problem: How to Fix the Bug?

Most of the WhatsApp users are now facing a problem while using the camera inside the app.

While trying to take a picture using the camera, the picture gets zoomed in itself (the image gets larger than normal).

Previously, the issue exists only on the Beta Version of WhatsApp, and most of the beta users have complained about the bug. But, now the camera bug appears on the latest version of WhatsApp (Version: whether you are a normal or a beta user.

If you want to know whether you have a Beta Version of WhatsApp, here’s how to check it.

  •  Open Google Play Store, search WhatsApp and click on the result.
  • If it shows WhatsApp Messenger (Beta), then you are a beta user.
  • if it only displays, WhatsApp Messenger, then you are not a beta user.

Can You Fix the Camera Bug?

If you are still using the older version of the app, you may not experience this issue with the camera.

With the latest update of the app (Version: on 6th July 2021, if you take a picture using the WhatsApp camera, the picture gets zoomed in itself in the camera preview. However, once the photo is clicked the image becomes normal.

As of now, there is no way to fix this issue. Changing the Camera Settings won’t help too.

The only option left is to wait for a while until WhatsApp removes the bug itself. The bug may be fixed in the next update of the app.

Things you can try:

  1. Clear WhatsApp Cache and see if it resolves the issue.
  2. Try Uninstalling and Installing WhatsApp again (try this method only if you have a backup of your Whatsapp Data otherwise you may lose your previous chats)

Doing these may not guarantee the camera fix. As there is no other option left, you may try them.

If you want to send photos to someone on WhatsApp, you can just use your Phone’s Camera App to click Images and send it through WhatsApp instead of directly using the camera from WhatsApp.

This is the best-recommended solution to this problem.

I hope WhatsApp will soon identify the bug and fix it as early as possible.

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