How to Know If Someone Muted You On Instagram 2022

Instagram has been on the trend amidst the media sharing platforms as it leads to instant sharing of photos and videos, along with making or watching creative reels from around the globe. The filters and amazing features of the app have made it popular among today’s generation. 

The app also has a feature to mute another user to cut down interactions with the user. The muted person on Instagram will not be able to view the posts & stories of the other account, but at the same time, won’t get any notification of being muted.

There is no direct way to figure out if you are muted by someone on Instagram. But if you feel that someone is not engaging with your posts anymore, you can try certain simple ways to check about the condition. 

Indications Of Being Muted On Instagram

There is no direct way to clarify your doubt of being muted on Instagram as the app does not send any notification regarding this, but certain indications can be looked for to make sure of the same.

There are three different mute options available on Instagram – Mute Posts, Mute Stories, and Mute Messages.  

  • If a user who frequently liked and commented on your posts earlier doesn’t seem to engage with your posts anymore and has ghosted all of a sudden, it can be a clear indication that the user may have muted you. 
  • When a user, who was a regular viewer of your stories no longer appears on your viewer’s list, the user may have put you on the mute option.
  • If a user doesn’t see your messages, this can also be an indication of being muted as they won’t receive your message notifications if you are muted.

Ways to Check If You Are Muted

There are some common methods that can be used to determine if someone may have
muted you whether it be posts, stories, or messages.

How to Know If Someone Muted Your Posts On Instagram

If someone has muted your posts, they won’t show up on their feed if you post a new photo.

Post a New Photo: The most effective way to check if someone has muted your posts is to post a new picture on Instagram. If the suspected user doesn’t like or comment on your new post, he/she might have muted you. However, this may not give the right conclusion though.

You can try also posting about them (for example, a photo of yours and the suspected user). If they are active, they will certainly like and comment on your post. If not, they might have muted you which doesn’t show your new post to them on their feed.

Check the Accounts They Follow: If the above method doesn’t give any clear idea about being muted, you must check out the accounts they follow.

For this, go to their “following tab” and open any of the active accounts they follow. Check out their recent posts and see whether they have liked them. If yes, you will see their name as “Liked by username”.

If they are actively liking their posts and not yours, you can be sure they have muted you.

How to Know If Someone Muted Your Story On Instagram

Post a New Story: The simple way is to upload a new story and wait for 24 hours to see if their name appears on your story viewers list. If not, they might have muted you.

Add the Doubtful User to Close Friends List: Add the user to a fresh close friends list. After that, post a story and share it only with your close friend’s list. If the person still doesn’t see your story, it will mean that the user has muted you.

Third-Party Apps: To clarify your doubts, you can also use third-party apps. This technique is meant specifically to find out if someone muted you. Certain third-party apps let you find the ghost followers who have the highest chances of muting you. This can be checked by downloading the Instagram Analytics App.

How to Know If Someone Muted You On Instagram Direct Messages

If someone has muted your messages, they won’t get notifications if you send a message to them. However, the messages can still be seen on their chat.

It’s somewhat difficult to figure out if someone has muted you on DM. If they don’t reply to your messages for a longer period of time, they might have muted you. Or, if you get a chance to look at their phone, you may figure it out easily.

The mute feature on Instagram lets you avoid interaction with a user without blocking them. The muted user does not get any notification on the app about being muted by someone. If you think that you are muted by someone on Instagram, these tips can be tried to check the same as there are no direct ways to view on the app even if you’re muted. 

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