Why Are Instagram Stories Repeating 2022?

Are your Instagram stories repeating? If YES, you’re not alone.

Many users have noticed that the stories on Instagram are not working as usual. Even if you have watched the old stories, Instagram shows them from the very first story slide whenever you tap someone’s profile to watch new stories.

You might be wondering, why is this happening? Let’s find out what’s the real cause?

Why Do Instagram Stories Keep Repeating?

The simple reason for this could be a glitch on Instagram. It’s not a surprise for social media platforms to suffer some sort of outages. And, as of now, Instagram may be going through the same.

Frustrated users have written down on Twitter about the same problem being faced. They are constantly seeing the watched stories again and again. This really annoys users as they have to go through all those watched stories to see what’s in the new story.

Some Possible Fixes

Method 1) Check if your Internet is working properly.

Method 2) Clear Instagram Cache: Here’s how to clear Instagram cache.

Method 3) Update the app to the latest version if you’re still using the old version.

If none of them helps, then this might be surely a technical glitch that can only be fixed by Instagram itself. You may need to wait until the Instagram team identifies and fixes the glitch. Most of the glitches are resolved within 24 hours.

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