How to Unmute Players in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the popular free-to-play Battle Royale video games. As the game is always played in a team, communication plays a crucial role in the game.

With that being said, you need to know how to unmute your party in Call of Duty: Warzone so that all the players can co-operate with each other in the gameplay.

How to Unmute Party in Warzone

There could be many reasons why someone is muted. One of them could be the improper audio settings or you have unintentionally muted someone. If you are facing the same issue, the below-mentioned guide will help you out.

There are usually 3 ways to fix the issue.

Unmute Using the Toggle Button

If your party or players are muted, you just need to unmute them manually using the toggle button.

To do so, just highlight their names in the pre-game lobby and :

  • Press A on Xbox One
  • Press X on Playstation
  • If you are on a PC, select their names and unmute them using the Toggle Button.

Change the Audio Settings

If you are unable to fix the issue with the first method, you can try to change your audio settings.

  • Go to the Main menu.
  • Click on the Audio tab under the Options menu.
  • Tao on Voice chat settings.
  • Enable the voice chat for everyone by clicking Unmute All.

Make sure the option to mute all players except your party is also turned off.

Enable the Cross-Platform Chat

If your friends are on other platforms, you need to enable cross-platform chat by going to the Account tab under the Options menu. Enable Crossplay-Communication to communicate with teammates.

If you are still unable to fix it, restarting the game may resolve the problem.

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