How to Activate Tesla in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India has come up with a recent update where players can make and activate Tesla Car by playing the Mission Ignition Mode.

If you are getting trouble activating the Tesla Car, then this guide is for you. You need to activate three mechanisms in the Giga factory to start Tesla’s production.

I will be explaining the steps required to activate Tesla in BGMI.

How to Make Tesla in BGMI

Step 1: Open BGMI and click on Select Mode.

Step 2: Choose Evoground and select Mission Ignition Mode.

Step 3: After entering the Mission Ignition Mode, tap on the mini-map at the top-right corner.

Step 4: Out of 4 Giga Factory, choose any one of them by clicking on it.

Step 5: Select Auto-Jump and you will be automatically taken to that place.

Step 6: After entering the Giga Factory, you need to go through 3 processes to activate Tesla.

Step 7: The first location is present in the room placed at the right. Click on open and your first process will be activated.

Step 8: The second location is present at the top in the front of the factory. You can take the stairs to reach there. After you’ve reached there, click open and your second process will be activated.

Step 9: The third location is present at the top where the car is made partially. Take the stairs and activate the mechanism.

Step 10: Car production will be started and within few minutes, it will be ready to drive.

This is the easiest way to find the Tesla Car in BGMI and manufacture it.

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