What Does @Silent Mean On Instagram DM?

Instagram has evolved over time introducing new features to make the platform better and increase the overall user experience.

Recently, Instagram DM has come up with a new exciting feature “@silent”.

Now, what does this mean, what are its benefits and how do you use it? In this article, we’ll be discussing everything about the newly introduced feature.

@Silent Meaning On Instagram Messages

As the name suggests, @Silent allows you to deliver messages without notifying the receiver.

Instagram has recently started to test this feature and may not be available in all the regions.

As you open a chat on Instagram DM and type “@”, a message will appear at the top which says “Send message without a notification”. Next to the words, there is a silent icon.

How to Use @Silent On Instagram DM

If you don’t want to irritate someone with your message notifications, you can use the silent feature which will deliver the message as usual but without a notification.

Step 1: Open a chat to which you want to send a silent message.

Step 2: Now, before sending a message type “@silent”. Then go to a new line, type your message and send it.

Here is the example:

Hey, how are you?

The message will be sent to the other person along with the silent tag. But they won’t receive any notification. When they navigate to the DMs, they will see the message as usual.

If you want every message to be sent silently, you need to use the silent tag in every message.

Is this feature really useful? It depends! It may not make sense for some but it can be of great use for others especially if you don’t want someone to be disturbed with message notifications.

You can use the silent mode feature if you think the message is not urgent.

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