What does Alias Mean in WazirX?

In recent times, investing in Cryptocurrencies has become a trend among investors & traders.

Indian Exchanges like WazirX & CoinDCX have made investment easier in Cryptocurrencies.

However, there arise many problems while using these Crypto Exchanges. One of them is “ALIAS” in WazirX.

People are getting confused about the term Alias used in the app. In this article, I will be explaining the meaning of Alias.

Alias Meaning In Wazirx

Whenever you try to enter the payment option in WazirX, whether it be a Bank Account or a UPI ID, you might face an issue of “Alias”.

The issue has a quite simple solution.

Alias means name or alternate name.

Under the ALIAS section, you just have to enter your name and proceed with the other details.

In the case of UPI, you have to add your name & UPI ID and complete the process of OTP verification.

In the case of a Bank Account, you need to enter your name, account number, IFSC Code & Account Type.

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