How to Watch Instagram Live Without Them Knowing

One of the most popular features for creators and influencers is Instagram live. It is the most interactive and entertaining way to communicate with your followers and develop a deep connection with them. 

Furthermore, it helps you in connecting with your friends more often. The live videos are more candid and real than the usual videos that you post on your feed. Also, the fact they will no longer be available later makes your followers come and watch the live urgently. 

However, when you are at the other end, that is, when it is your turn to become a viewer of Instagram live, things change up a little. You may not want to be recognized on every live you wish to watch.

Likewise, it can be someone amongst your friends whose live you wish to watch but don’t want them to know. 

If you are juggling the same problems to watch someone’s Instagram live, we have the solution for you to watch live without them knowing. 

Is There A Way to Watch Live Anonymously?

No, there is no direct option in the settings or within the app that allows you to join someone’s Instagram live without them knowing. You in any way can not hide your identity and the other person will be able to see the names of all its viewers.

So, no official method is provided. However, there still are certain ways you can follow to hide your actual identity. 

How to Watch Instagram Live Without Them Knowing

Change your username to hide your identity

One of the simplest ways to watch someone’s live anonymously is to change your username before you join the live for a short moment and when you are done watching it you can change it again. 

Watch it later if they save it

There are also chances that the other person might end up saving the Instagram live as an IGTV video. It is an exclusive option that Instagram provides to everybody as soon as they end up a live to broadcast it on IGTV on their accounts.

So, if they choose to do that, you can watch it later easily without them knowing. However, the chances of this happening are extremely less and based on your luck only. 

Create a new account

If you are a known influencer and cannot afford to change your username or wait to be broadcasted as an IGTV, the best option is to make a new account with some random username and watch the live with the new account.

Once you have made a new account, you can switch accounts and join the live so that you can view what happens on the live even without the other person knowing about it. 

Use your friend’s account

If the person whose live you wish to watch has a private account and your new account is not yet following that user, all you have to do is ask your friend who is already following them to enable you to watch the live through their accounts.

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