How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing 2021

Snapchat has recently been one of the most popular instant messaging and media sharing applications to easily start a conversation or have fun with friends with the amazing filters over the application. The features of Snapchat, a massive array of fun filters, and live stories with news happening around the globe have made the app more popular among the young generation of today’s world in no time. 

The memories can instantly be shared in snaps, or stories, with your friends and socialize with everyone. The prominent part that sets the application apart from others is the fact that no other user can take a screenshot of your posts or even save them without providing you a notification.

And even if you view the stories of other users on Snapchat, your name remains visible to them. However, whether the stories can be viewed without letting the users know about them, has become one of the most asked questions these days. There are certain ways, if not direct methods, that can be used while viewing the story of another user but without letting them get a hint about it. 

How to View Snapchat Stories Without Them Knowing

You can try any of the methods mentioned below to watch someone’s story anonymously.

Turn Off Internet Connection Or Switch to Airplane Mode

To view the stories secretly, open Snapchat and wait for around a minute or two. This will help the app to load all the stories posted by your friends. After the wait, turn off the internet connection of your device by switching to Airplane Mode or normally turning off the Wi-Fi and mobile data as well.

As you cut the Internet connection, you can view the stories on Snapchat. Due to the inability to find internet connectivity, the app will be unable to send the “view” to its servers.

But as soon as you turn on your Internet, Snapchat will send the servers the information about viewing your statuses. Therefore, before turning on the Internet connection, make sure to clear the cache or data of the application so that it doesn’t register your name on their story viewers list.

To get full assurance about your anonymity, it is recommended to try the second method too.

Uninstall the App

Though the stories can be viewed by turning on airplane mode or switching off the data connection, it may be an issue for someone to switch off the data connection for a long time. It may also be the case that you may be anxious regarding the failure of the previous method. In this case, you can try out the full-proved method that will allow you to see the stories without informing the users.

Turn on the “Airplane Mode” and view the stories you want to and uninstall the app after this. After doing so, disable the Airplane mode and wait at least 24 hours and then install the app again, as after this duration the story will disappear and even if the app sends the notification to the server, it will be of no use. This way the other user won’t get a chance to see your name in their story viewsers list.

Use a Secondary Account

Another way of viewing the status without letting the user know is to use a secondary account. However, while following this method, make sure that the secondary account or your friend’s account follows the user so that it is possible to view the user’s story.

The user won’t even realize that you are the one who’s viewing their stories. Make sure that the secondary account doesn’t have any of your personal information so that the user won’t be able to recognize or suspect you. 

With Snapchat stories, one can share videos or images on their profile and can be only viewed by the people they are friends with within the app for 24 hours. The user can see the names of the people who viewed their stories, and there are no direct processes to hide this. However, if the above-mentioned tips are followed, the stories of other users can be viewed without getting noticed. 

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