How to View Private Instagram Profiles Without Following 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing pictures and videos. It allows you to set your profile public or private. You can either choose between a public or a private account.

A public Instagram account is accessible to all users without any restriction. You can see the posts and stories shared by a public account. In contrast, for private accounts, you first need to send them a follow request.

In this article, we’ll understand if it’s possible to see private Instagram accounts without following them.

Can You View Private Instagram Profiles?

Instagram does not allow you to view private Instagram accounts without following them. In other words, you can’t see the posts and stories uploaded by a private account.

To view the content of private profiles, you need to send them a follow request and they must accept it. Once you’re following them, you can see what they share on their profile.

However, there are many indirect ways to access a private Instagram account. Let’s see how you can view private Instagram accounts.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts?

Here are some of the genuine ways to view private Instagram profiles.

Send Them a Follow Request

The most straightforward method to view a private account on Instagram is simply sending them a follow request.

Once the other person accepts your request, you’ll be able to view their posts and stories.

Create a New Instagram Account

If you are concerned about not revealing your identity, you can sign up for a new Instagram account.

You just need to make sure the new account is completely anonymous and does not leave any trace of your original account. Otherwise, there may be a high chance of being caught.

Once you create an account send them a follow request and wait for them to respond. If they accept it, you can see what they share on their profile.

This way you can view a private account without revealing your original identity.

Use Your Friend’s Account

You can also get help from your friends if they’re already following the concerned private Instagram account. You just need to convince them to use their device to see the private profile.

Find Them on Other Social Media Platforms

If you can’t get access to the private Instagram account of a person, do not lose hope. If a person has a private Instagram account, it does not mean their other social media accounts are also private. You just have to search their other social media profiles like Facebook to see their posts or stories.

These are some of the ways to view a private Instagram account.

Beware of Fake Online Tools

You should be aware of fake online tools that claim to show you private profiles. These services actually don’t work.

The most common tool available on the internet is completing a human verification survey to access private accounts. These tools only waste your time asking you to complete the survey. It is advisable to stay away from such fake online services.

Instagram has provided an option to make a profile private for a reason. So, it’s not possible to break into some’s private account.

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