Unable to Use This Effect On Your Device On Instagram (2022)

Instagram, the most popular photo & video sharing app has been experiencing a few issues recently.

Users aren’t able to use effects on their photos & videos. It’s not surprising to know that Instagram faces outages from time to time.

Not working of Instagram Effects could be a major glitch as of now. The Instagram technical team might be already aware of this glitch and the issue could be fixed in a few hours.

If you aren’t able to use effects on your Stories, there’s nothing much you can do from your end. You may need to wait until Instagram addresses the issue and fix it.

Here are some possible fixes you can try, however, these don’t guarantee any success.

Some Possible Fixes

Method 1) Update your app to the latest version if you haven’t done it yet.

Method 2) Switch your Internet connection. If you’re using Wi-Fi, you can switch it to mobile data or vice versa.

Method 3) Use a VPN. You can download and install a free VPN, then connect it to one of the servers.

Method 4) Clear your app cache. Here’s how to clear Instagram Cache.

If none of them works, you need to wait till Instagram fixes the glitch itself. Most of the issues are fixed within 24 hours.

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