How to Take A Picture On Instagram

People use Instagram for various purposes now. Marketers use this platform for their marketing campaigns, while many people use it only to share pictures and videos with their friends and families. However, Instagram originally introduced itself as a picture-sharing platform.

Instagram is still best known as a picture and video sharing platform. You can share a picture on Instagram that you took from your device’s internal camera app or other camera apps, or you can use Instagram’s in-built camera app.  

We will show you how to take a picture on Instagram and share it as a post.

Take a Picture on Instagram 

Step1: Open the Instagram app and tap the PLUS icon at the top of the screen.

Step2: Select Post. You can also access the same screen by swiping right on the home screen and choosing the Post option in the bottom menu.

Step3: You can either choose a saved picture from your device’s library or take a new one. To take a photo on Instagram, tap the camera icon on the screen.

You can opt for the front or rear camera by tapping the circular icon formed by two arrows. To manage flash for the camera, tap the little thunder icon.

Step4: After taking the picture on Instagram, tap the arrow icon (Android) or Next (iPhone) to go to the next screen.

Step5: You can edit your picture using Instagram editing tools, add filters to it, or add a caption to it. This step is optional, which means you can ignore it.

Step6: Tap the tick mark (Android) or the Share button (iPhone) to share your post with your Instagram audience.

You have successfully taken a picture on Instagram and shared it with your audience.

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