How to Take Picture In Messenger Video Call

In 2017, Messenger introduced the screenshot feature for its video chats. It helps you take pictures while video chatting with someone. You can take photos in Messenger during both one-to-one and group video calls.

Taking pictures in Messenger video calls is easy. You only need to tap the camera icon at the bottom of the video chat screen to take a picture.

It is important to note that many users are currently reporting problems while trying to use the screenshot feature. People are speculating online that Messenger has removed the screenshot feature in its video chats.

However, Messenger has not officially announced ditching its video chat screenshot feature. The problems in the feature may be the result of a bug in the Messenger server.

It is also possible that Messenger has removed the feature. But we cannot be sure until Messenger says so itself. We need to wait for a response from Messenger about the unavailability of the screenshot feature to know things for sure.

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