How to Tag Or Mention Someone On Instagram Story 2022

If you are featuring a photo or video about a brand or user in the story, tagging them can help the story viewers easily find out about them and check their profile.

Just like other social platforms, Instagram allows you to tag or mention users you find relevant to your shared content and they will get a notification about the same so that they don’t miss out on anything.

Let’s explore how you can tag someone on your Instagram story and also see some interesting things you need to know.

What Does It Mean to Tag Someone On Instagram?

Tagging on an Instagram story means to mention someone with their username if the content you’re sharing is related to them.

For instance, if you’re adding a photo of your friend to your story, mentioning or tagging them helps people understand that the shared story is relatable to them.

It can also be used to enhance engagement and is a useful tactic for promoting a profile. While tagging someone or a brand, a clickable username is displayed which helps your followers to explore the tagged profile.

When you tag someone, they will receive a notification about the same and the mentioned user can even reshare the same story in their profile.

How to Mention Someone On Instagram Story?

If you are new to Instagram and have no idea about tagging, this easy guide can help you do the same.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and create a new story. You can either swipe right on your home screen or tap + in the top right and select Story.

Step 2: Take a picture or select one from your gallery or camera roll. 

Step 3: Tap the “Aa” icon at the top and start typing the username followed by “@”. Do not leave any gap between the characters. For example, @arianagrande


The users can also be mentioned with the help of a sticker. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen which will then open the stickers option. Select the sticker named “@MENTION” and type the username you want to tag.

Step 4: Now, you can share the story by tapping Your story in the bottom left.

Instagram allows you to mention up to 20 users in each photo or video you share to your Instagram story.

As soon as you mention someone, they will receive a notification telling them that you’ve mentioned them.

How to Tag Someone On Instagram Story Without Showing Their Name?

Step 1: Create a new story and select a photo.

Step 2: Tap the “Aa” icon and type the username followed by @.

Step 3: Place the text wherever you want in the story.

Step 4: Tap the text you have tagged.

Step 5: Tap the color palette at the top.

Step 6: Tap the color picker tool.

Step 7: Place it on the picture so that the tagged text matches your background photo and becomes invisible.

Once done, share it to your story.


Can you tag a private account on an Instagram story?

Yes, you can tag a private account on your story. Instagram doesn’t restrict you from mentioning a private profile.

Can you tag someone on your Instagram story without them knowing?

No, you can’t tag someone without them knowing. People you mention will get a notification telling them that you’ve mentioned them in your story. They’ll also get a direct message from you that includes a preview of your story.

What happens when you tag someone in your story from whom you have hidden your story?

You will be able to tag them, however, they will not be notified about the same, neither they will receive a message in their inbox. Also, when they visit their profile, they can’t see your story as you have hidden it from them.

What happens if you mention someone who doesn’t follow you on Instagram and your account is private?

If your account is private and you mention someone who doesn’t follow you, they won’t be notified that you have mentioned them.

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