Can You See Who Shared Your Instagram Story in 2022?

If you post stories frequently on Instagram, you might be curious to know who has shared your story as a direct message.

But, is that even possible?

In this blog post, you’ll learn if you can see who has shared your Instagram story.

Can You See Who Shared Your Instagram Story As a Message?

Unfortunately, you can’t see who has shared your story on Instagram in their direct messages.

You won’t receive any notification when someone shared your story. The story share is always anonymous.

For a personal account, Instagram only allows you to see the list of people who’ve viewed your story. However, it’s not possible to see who has actually shared the story.

If you have a business account, you can see how many times the story has been shared using the Insights tool. Business Account also allows you to dig more into insights like impressions, profile visits, follows, story navigation, and more.

Here’s how to switch a personal account to a business account on Instagram.

Once you have switched your account type, you can have access to Insights Analytics.

Note: If you have an active story and switch your personal account to business, insights will not be shown for the old stories. You can see the insights for stories that have been posted after your account is switched to business.

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How to See the Story Insights

Step 1: Create and share a new story.

Once people view and interact with your story, you can see its insights.

Step 2: To see the analytics, go to your story.

Step 3: Tap Analytics in the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Select the Insights tab at the top.

Here, you can view data like the number of times your story has been shared. However, it is doesn’t show who has shared your story.

It’s possible to see who has shared your post to their stories using Current Public Reshares. Here’s how to see current public reshares on Instagram.

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