How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post 2022

Getting likes on your Instagram posts makes you feel good. But getting post reshares feels even better.

Anybody can easily like a post but resharing it means that the audience really cares about your content and find them valuable.

It is completely natural if you want to know more about people who have shared your posts. We will explain in this article how you can see who has shared your Instagram post to their stories or as a message to someone.

How to See Who Has Shared Your Instagram Post to Their Stories?

Step 1: Open the Instagram app. Go to your post that you want to know its reshares.

Step 2: Tap the vertical three-dot menu. It will appear in the top right corner of the post.

Step 3: Select View Story Reshares. This option will be available only when your post is shared at least once.

Step 4: You will see live stories of people who have shared your post. Tap any one of them to reveal the username of the person who shared your Instagram post.

Please note that Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. So, you could not see who shared your post as a story if 24 hours have already passed since they shared the story. The View Story Reshares option will not appear if nobody has shared your post as a story.

Can’t See Who Has Shared Your Post?

If the View Story Reshares option is missing on your post, it indicates that the post is not reshared by anyone. Otherwise, this feature is available for all users.

The View Story Reshares option will be activated as soon as the post is shared to someone’s story once. As the story lasts for only 24 hours, the option may be removed after that.

The other reason why the option is missing is that the profile that has shared your post is private. The option will be enabled once your post is shared from a public account.

Can You See Who Shared Your Instagram Post As A Message or DM?

No, you cannot see who shared your Instagram post as a message to someone else. Instagram messages are always end-to-end encrypted.

It means that only the sender and receiver of the message will know about the content of the message. In fact, even Instagram cannot read personal messages communicated between two users. 

You can only see the posts shared to someone’s story.

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