How to See Someone’s Activity On Instagram 2022

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform with over a billion active users. The allure of sharing everything about your life in a visual format makes it particularly popular with young people.  

If you are a parent, you are probably worried about the strangers your kid is likely to meet on the platform. This is quite normal as social media platforms such as Instagram come with many dangers to users. There are many criminals on those platforms who may take advantage of your innocent kid. 

The only way to protect your child is to keep an eye on their activities while online using a powerful monitoring tool such as KidsGuard Pro for Android. Not only as a parent, but anyone can use the tool to track someone’s activity on Instagram. To help you, let devolve deeper into how to see someone’s activity on Instagram remotely

Can You See Someone’s Instagram Activity?

All social media platforms including Instagram claim to be secure so that no one else can see a person’s activities on those platforms without authorization. This begs question, can you see someone’s activity on Instagram? 

The truth is that you can indeed see someone’s activities on Instagram. Using the right tool you can easily access someone’s Instagram and view all their activities remotely without being detected.

How to See Someone’s Instagram Activity on Phone

If you want to find out how to see someone’s Instagram activity then I have some good news for you. Using the KidsGuard Pro for Android tool, you can remotely access someone’s Instagram account and view all their activities without being detected. This way you may be able to protect your kid from any dangers on that platform. 

3 Steps to See Someone’s Instagram Activity

KidsGuard Pro for Android monitoring tool is designed to be easy to use and yet powerful to give you full access to the target phone. To use this tool simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a KidsGuard Pro Account

The first step to using KidsGuard Pro for Android Program is to simply visit and create an account by entering your details when prompted. Select a plan based on your needs.

Step 2: Download KidsGuard Pro for Android on Target Phone

The next step is to download and install the KidsGuard Pro for Android program on the smartphone you want to monitor. This is important to access everything done on that phone including the Instagram login from the device. 

Follow the instruction to install and set up the app on the target phone, it will only take a few minutes to finish it. 

Step 3: Start Seeing Someone’s Instagram Activity

Once you have the program installed and set up on your child’s phone simply log into your KidsGuard Pro account, and then you will be able to access and see all the activities on their Instagram account login on the device.

What can you check with the KidsGuard Pro for Android program?

The KidsGuard Pro for Android program lets you check more than the Instagram account of the person you are monitoring. Some of the other things you can use this device to check on include:

1) Social Media Monitoring

Other than Instagram, you can use your KidsGuard Pro for Android program to check other major social media accounts your child may be using. You can use this program to remotely access Facebook and Snapchat among other social media platforms.

2) Text Messages Viewing

You can use this program to remotely access and read text messages on your child’s device. This way you will be able to monitor your child and have all the information you need to protect the child from dangerous strangers. 

3) Call Logs Checking

You can also use the KidsGuard Pro for Android program to access call log information such as the numbers that called or were called from your child’s phone. In addition, you will see the time the calls were made and the duration of each call made. 

4) Call Recording

If you suspect someone who calls your loved one regularly you may record their phone calls and then listen to it later to learn more about what they talk about and even what they are planning. 

5) Browsing History Viewing

Viewing someone’s browsing history is one of the most important steps you need to take if you want to protect the individual from the dangers that come from the internet. 

The KidsGuard Pro for Android program lets you easily monitor the browsing media of someone and know what they are up to.

6) Location Tracking

You can also use this program to track the location of an individual. This way you were able to know in real-time where the individual is and thus be able to set boundaries on places where they should not visit. 

7) Screenshot and Secret Photos

Using this KidsGuard Pro for Android program you can remotely take photos and screenshots using someone’s phone without being detected. This way you can have evidence of what they do online. You can also use such photos to know where they are and who they are with. 

8) Keylogger

If you want to get user names and passwords to all the accounts your child or a person you are monitoring logs in then this is an important feature of the KidsGuard Pro for Android program that you will love. 

The keylogger records all the keys on the device you are monitoring and makes it easy to collect all this important information. 

Why Track Other’s Instagram Activity?

There are many reasons why you will want to track someone’s activities on Instagram. For example, if you are a parent to a popular child or your child love to court attention then chances are they may be victims of cyberbullying on Instagram. 

Unlike any other social media account, Instagram reports higher cases of bullying and the popular an account gets the higher chances of it happening. You may therefore just want to know how kids are faring when online and protect them from such bullies. 

In some cases, you may be an owner of a small business and you provide your employees with smartphones and the internet. You therefore just want to keep an eye on what they do online to make sure that they are productive during working hours.


1. How to know if someone is Active on Instagram?

You have to follow someone to know when they are online. However, if you use KidsGuard Pro for Android you can see when they are active on Instagram even without following them. This way you may take not all their activities on the platform. 

2. Is There a Way to See What Someone Likes on Instagram?

Yes. KidsGuard Pro for Android program will give you full access to someone’s Instagram account. This way you will be able to see what they like, whom they follow, their followers, and any other activity they do on the platform.

3. How to Hide My Activity from Followers on Instagram?

Yes. You can hide your activities from your followers. If you feel that hiding someone’s activities from that person’s followers is the only way to protect them you can access their Instagram account via KidsGuard Pro for Android and just do that.


Tracking someone on Instagram may not be very easy as some people claim. Instagram is working around the clock to make sure that it does not happen. However, there are several applications that claim to do so. While not all these applications work, you can trust KidsGuard Pro for Android to do exactly what it says. It is a powerful tool with a proven track record of giving you access not to someone’s phone to all their social media accounts also.


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