How to See Liked Reels On Instagram 2022

Do you love watching Reels on Instagram? Well, everyone loves short video content, be it for entertainment or educational purpose.

Like on Instagram helps you appreciate the content creator for their creative work. I’m sure you might have liked loads of Reels if you’re active on Instagram for a long time.

What if you want to revisit and see all the reels you’ve liked in the past? Fortunately, Instagram allows you to view all the photos, videos, or reels you’ve liked.

In this article, I’ll be helping you to find out your liked reels.

How to View Liked Reels On Instagram

This works on Android & iPhone.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your device and tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap the three lines in the top-right.

Step 3: Select Your activity.

Step 4: Tap Interactions.

Step 5: Select Likes.

Here you’ll see all the posts you’ve liked before. There’s no specific section for liked reels, you need to manually search among photos and reels. The reels will have a little video icon in the upper left of the reel.

To search for specific reels, you can use the Sort & filter option.

  • Tap Sort by to order your liked reels from “Newest to oldest” or “Oldest to newest”.
  • To see liked posts of a specific profile, tap Author, search for their username, tap Add next to their profile, then tap Apply.
  • To see liked posts within a specific time frame, select the “Start date” and “End date”, then tap Apply.

How to Unlike Liked Reels

If you want to unlike the reels individually, tap and open the reel, then tap the red heart icon.

Unlike Reels in Bulk

Step 1: Tap Select in the top right corner.

Step 2: Tap and select up to 100 reels you wish to remove likes. (Instagram only allows you to select 100 posts at once)

Step 3: Once you’ve selected posts, tap Unlike at the bottom.

Now, you can continue with the other 100 posts following the same procedure.

If you have thousands of posts to unlike, this task can be tedious. However, this is the only way to unlike photos in bulk.

Can You See Liked Reels on Instagram Desktop?

Unlike the app, Instagram web doesn’t have a feature to view your liked reels. You can only see the liked reels using the Instagram app.

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