​​Can You Remove Reels From Facebook?

Facebook decided to roll out the reels feature after seeing the popularity of short-form videos on other platforms. However, Facebook reels are not for everyone. While many people find them entertaining, some users find the reels annoying and distracting.

But can you remove reels from Facebook? While Facebook does not offer users a direct option to remove reels, there are workarounds.

We have covered in this article the most popular methods to remove reels from Facebook.

Method1: Use Older Version of Facebook

Using an older version of the Facebook app is one of the best ways of removing reels from the platform. It is worth noting that you would not be able to use features that Facebook introduced after launching reels.

If you are fine with that condition, tap this link to find an older Facebook app without the reels feature. You mustn’t update this app. Updating the app will cause reels to appear again on Facebook.

Make sure you have disabled the auto-update feature for the Facebook app. You would have to uninstall the current Facebook app from your device to install the older version of the app.

Method2: Use Facebook on Browser

Facebook has not rolled out the reels feature on its browser version yet. So, you can browse Facebook on your desktop or phone browser without the interruption of reels.

Method3: Use Third-Party Apps

Several Facebook third-party client apps offer you a Facebook experience without showing you intrusive reels. Two of the most popular options are SlimSocial and Frost for Facebook. These Facebook client apps are safe to use and work well.

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