How to Remove Nominated By On Clubhouse

If you are an old user of Clubhouse, you might have seen a “Nominated by ….” section below your profile with the name & profile picture of the nominator.

Most people don’t like it to be displayed on their profile. Maybe for privacy reasons, they don’t want others to see who has nominated you.

As Clubhouse was only an invite-only application, someone had to nominate you before you use the app. You couldn’t directly create an account and use it. You were needed to be invited by someone to be able to use the platform.

But from 21st July 2021, Clubhouse is no longer an invite-only app. Anyone can create an account and start using the app. No invite is needed anymore whereas earlier you need to wait for someone to invite you.

If you have created an account post to 21st July, the Nominated by section will not be there on your profile. However, old users will still see “Nominate by” on their profiles.

Can You Remove Nominated By on Clubhouse?

As of now, Clubhouse doesn’t allow you to remove the “Nominated by” badge on your profile. However, you can submit a request to remove it.

This doesn’t guarantee the removal of Nominated By from your profile.

The other option left is to create a new account on Clubhouse which will not display the “Nominate by” badge on your profile as Clubhouse is no more an invite-only platform.

To create a new account, you are required to use a new mobile number.

If you want to register a new account with the same mobile number & username, you must first delete your older account.

Here’s how to delete the Clubhouse account.

The downside is that you need to wait for 30 days to delete your account permanently. Prior to that, the username is not available to claim.

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