How to Get Rid Of Discover People On Instagram 2022

‘Discover People’ feature on Instagram may be useful for some but not for all.

It helps you to quickly find people of your interests, users who you don’t follow back, or someone who is on your contacts list. On the other hand, it might be annoying to see people that Instagram suggests repeatedly.

If you are looking to get rid of this feature, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll be discussing whether you can remove “Discover People” on Instagram.

Can You Remove Discover People On Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can’t completely get rid of Discover People on Instagram.

Who appears on the Discover People list?

People who are on your contact list, people who follow you but you don’t follow back and your mutual friends may appear in Discover People. Instagram may also show you users with similar interests based on its algorithm.

Although you can’t remove the Discover People feature, you can make certain changes.

Discover People usually appears on your profile page as shown below. If you are annoyed seeing suggestions, you can hide them.

To hide it, tap the drop-down icon (or a user icon preceded by a + symbol) next to Edit Profile as shown in the screenshot below. This will hide the Discover People tab until the next launch of the app.

You can also prevent some users from showing up on your Discover People suggestions. For this, you need to press the X icon present at the top of their profile.

Repeat the same process for other profiles that you don’t want to be suggested and Instagram will stop showing you those profiles again. This way you can get rid of irrelevant suggestions.

This is the only thing you can do with Discover People on Instagram. You can’t get rid of it completely.

  1. Thank you for this post! It was really annoying me seeing the list of people on my page….now I don’t have to see them anymore!

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