How to Remove Copyright Claim On Facebook

Getting copyright claims on Facebook is not uncommon. However, not all of the copyright claims you receive on your Facebook videos are genuine. Many Facebook users get copyright claims even when their content is entirely original or belongs in the public domain.

These false copyright claims could be honest mistakes or fraudulent motives. Fortunately, you can remove these copyright claims if you are sure that your content in question does not violate somebody’s copyright.

We will explain in this article how to remove copyright claims on Facebook.

Step1: Visit the Facebook website on your desktop browser and log into your account.

Step2: Locate the video on which you got a copyright claim. You can click the notification menu in the top-right corner and select the message regarding the copyright claim on your video to locate the video in Support Message.

Step3: Select See details.

Step4: Keep selecting Continue until you reach a page with the heading “What would you like to do?”.

Step5: Click Submit Dispute, then select Continue. If you think the copyright claim is valid, select Accept changes or Remove video.

Step6: Select Open form.

Step7: Fill out the submit dispute form by following simple on-screen instructions.

Step8: Submit the dispute form to remove the copyright claim from your Facebook video.

You have successfully submitted a dispute about the copyright claim on your Facebook video.

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