Can You Rearrange Instagram Posts After Posting 2022?

Instagram is mainly a picture and video-sharing social platform. Therefore, it matters a lot for you to have your Instagram photos in the desired order to give your feed a great look.

Sometimes, you upload a series of pictures and videos in your feed to convey a narrative. However, you may make mistakes while uploading Instagram posts and it may not go as it was planned.

After uploading, you may realize the order of the posts is not quite right. In this article, we’ll explain if you can change the order of their posts.

Can You Change the Order Of Already Posted Instagram Posts?

Unfortunately NO. Instagram does not allow its users to rearrange their posts after uploading them. So, you cannot change your Instagram posts sequence after their publication.

However, there are some indirect ways to achieve the desired result.

To change the order of your Instagram posts, you need to delete your posts and re-upload them in the desired order. But this method has a serious flaw. The main issue with this method is that you will lose all of your likes and comments.

You can also re-upload them without deleting the original posts. This way, you can ensure that your likes and comments do not vanish. But this method is also not free from flaws. This method will create two copies of your posts. In many cases, it can ruin the appearance of your Instagram feed.

Next time, be sure to be careful while uploading Instagram posts. As the adage says, “Precaution is better than cure.”

You can also try some kind of preview app to upload posts on Instagram. Such types of apps will help you know how your feed will exactly look like on Instagram before you publish them.

One such app is called the Preview app which you can download from the Play Store or App Store. However, many similar apps can get the job done.

Once you have posted your carousel post, you can’t change the order of the photos.

You have to delete the post and repost it placing them in the correct order.

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