How to React to Messages On Snapchat

You can react with Stickers and Bitmojis to Messages on Snapchat. They offer an effective and quick way of replying to messages on Snapchat. The invention of Stickers and Bitmojis has completely changed how we communicate in writing. In this article, we will explain how to react with stickers and Bitmojis to Snapchat Messages.

How to React to Messages on Snapchat

You can react to a specific message on Snapchat in a one-to-one conversation or a group conversation. Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you react to a specific message on Snapchat.

Step1: To react to a specific message, you need to press and hold on the message.  

Step2: Tap on the Chat Reply option. Alternatively, you can also swipe right on the message you want to react to. You will now see the quoted message in the chat screen.

Step3: Tap on the smiley icon to access the Chat Sticker Drawer. Select the Sticker with which you want to respond to the quoted message.

Step4: Send the Chat Reply.

You can also mark Stickers in the Chat Sticker Drawer as your Favourite. To make a sticker your favorite, you have to press and hold them and select the option “Add to Favourites”. You can view your favorite stickers by tapping on the Heart icon.

Snapchat also allows its users to make custom stickers with the Scissors tool. Afterward, you could use these stickers just like the original ones.

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