What Does Priority Mean On Instagram DM?

Priority is a brand-new feature that Instagram is currently rolling out to its users. The feature first made its appearance around early June. But only a few selected users could access it back then. Now it is available for many other users.

Let’s understand more about the priority feature in Instagram DMs.

Instagram Priority Feature Explained

The new priority feature on Instagram labels some of your conversations in the DM section as “Priority”. It uses an algorithm to determine the profiles with whom you chat the most. Instagram introduced the feature to help you pay attention to chats that matter most to you.

However, there are some problems with this new feature. Many users have reported that the feature mistakenly labels those chats as a priority that are not even a priority.

For instance, even if a user exchanges only a few messages with someone, their profile also appears as a priority. The feature doesn’t perfectly define who should be made a priority.

It is important to note that the feature is still in its testing phase. Instagram has not rolled it out to all users globally. So, the feature might improve in the coming future or it won’t make a place on Instagram if users repeatedly give it negative feedback.

Can You Label A Conversation Priority Manually? 

As of now, you cannot mark conversations in your DM as a priority manually. Instagram uses its own algorithm to label the chat as a priority. Usually, the one with whom you chat the most and interact is marked “Priority”.

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