How to Post Someone Else’s Story On Your Instagram Story

While watching stories on Instagram, you might come across some fascinating stories that you want to reshare to your story. However, resharing a story is quite difficult on Instagram.

You might be searching for ways to share someone else’s story to your story. Unfortunately, Instagram has no default feature to share someone’s story directly to your story until someone tagged you in a story.

You need to follow some workaround to get your job done. So, here in this blog post, I will be sharing some methods that you can follow to share someone’s story to your story.

How to Share Someone Else’s Story On Your Story

If you are tagged in a story that you want to share, it’s easy to share the story directly on your story. Here’s how to do it:

After you’ve been tagged, you will receive a message in your DM.

Step 1: Launch your Instagram application.

Step 2: Open your chat by tapping the messaging icon in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Now, find the person who has tagged you. It will be shown as “Mentioned you in a story” as in the screenshot below.

Step 4: Tap and open the chat. Then, select Add to Your Story option.

You will now be taken to the story editor with the same story. You can customize it more if you want and send it to your story.

Note that the profile and the username of the original creator who has posted the story will be displayed at the top while you reshare it.

How to Share Someone Else’s Instagram Story On Your Story Without Being Tagged

It’s not possible that you will be tagged in all the stories that you want to reshare. So, how can you share someone’s story to your story?

You have two choices left if you want to reshare the story. Both of them are discussed below.

Screenshot the Story

This method is simple and straightforward. Just screenshot the story that you would like to reshare. You can crop and cut the inessential part of the story to make it look good.

After it is ready, you can share it in your story in a usual way.

Download the Story

Downloading the story is better than screenshotting it. Here’s how to download any Instagram Story.

Step 1: Go to the story that you want to download and tap the three dots in the top right corner.

Step 2: Tap Copy Link from the options that show up.

Step 3: Visit Instagram Story Downloader, paste the link you’ve copied in the search bar, and tap the Search button.

Step 4: Wait for a while to load all the active stories. Then, tap Download to download the desired story.

After the story is downloaded, you can share it back to your story. You can also credit the original story creator.

So, these are the simple ways to share someone else’s story to your story. It would have been easier if there is a default feature to do so. Instagram may come up with such a feature in the future.

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