What Does It Mean When It Says “Pending” On Snapchat

Sometimes you may see a pending label on your Snapchat messages. As the name suggests, it means that the messages have not yet been delivered to the other person.

You will see the “PENDING” label in multiple places. The label will appear in your chats tab and below the name of the user’s profile. Additionally, you can also see it within the chat conversation which says “YOUR SNAPS AND CHATS ARE PENDING UNTIL ‘XYZ’ ADDS YOU AS A FRIEND”.

You might wonder why some messages get the pending label on Snapchat. In this article, we will explain the meaning behind it. We will also explain how you can fix the pending message on Snapchat.

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

You can’t send someone a message on Snapchat until you add them as friends. You can conversate only when both of you are friends.

So, what could “Pending” mean? Let’s discover its meaning.

They haven’t added back you as a friend: If you have added someone as a friend but they haven’t added you back, you will see a “Pending” message in your Chats tab. Every message you send will be labeled as Pending until the other person adds you back as a friend.

They have unadded or unfriended you: If someone unfriends you, you will see Pending with a grey arrow on the chat under their name.

Even if you haven’t sent anything on Snapchat, it will show you Pending if they unadded you.

These are the only two possible reasons for the Pending message on Snapchat.

How to Fix “Pending” On Snapchat

If you are seeing “Pending” on your chats on someone’s profile, you need to ask them to add you back as a friend.

As soon as they add you back, all your pending messages or snaps will be delivered.

So, asking them to add you back is the only way to fix the pending issue on Snapchat.

Note: You cannot send messages to people on Snapchat who are not your friend. If this is the case, add them as friends and wait for them to add you back. Once the person adds you, you can chat with them.

Does Pending Mean Blocked on Snapchat?

The short answer to this is NO.

If someone blocks you on Snapchat, it doesn’t show pending on your chat. Pending just mean they haven’t added you as a friend or they’ve unfriended you.


Why does it say pending on Snapchat but still friends?

If it says Pending, it means you have added them as friends but they haven’t added you back. To fix the pending message, they must add you back.

Can someone see a pending message on Snapchat?

No, the pending message will only be visible to you. The receiver won’t receive the pending message until they add you back.

Why does Snapchat say pending when you didn’t send anything?

While you may have been friends in the past and have chatted with each other, Snapchat says pending even if you didn’t send any new message if they unfriend you.

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