Why Are Messages Blacked Out On Instagram?

Recently, many Instagram users are facing a glitch within the app. This makes the messages on Instagram DMs unreadable as they are covered with a black screen.

Here is how the messages are covered in black.

This issue is detected on both the Android and iOS apps in certain regions like the US, UK, Canada, Australia & More.

Users wrote down their frustration about the same on Twitter and are looking for solutions to fix this issue.

Why Are Your Instagram DMs Black?

If you’re seeing just a black screen over messages you’ve received from your friends, you’re not alone. This issue is not actually from your end and you don’t need to worry about your device or Wi-Fi connection.

Black messages are simply a glitch. However, Instagram hasn’t yet addressed the issue yet.

You can try some of the fixes mentioned below.

How to Fix The Issue

Method 1: Switch to Dark Mode

If your device is in light mode, you can switch it to dark mode. This will make your messages readable again.

On iPhone: Open the Settings app, tap Display & Brightness, then select Dark.

On Android: Open Settings, search for dark mode, then turn ON Dark Mode.

Method 2: Use Instagram Web

Open a browser on your mobile or computer, and log in to your Instagram account. You may be able to read messages clearly without the black box.

These are some simple tricks to get out of this irritating error. Also, the Instagram team might be aware of this issue and they will be solving it soon.

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