How to Message/Chat on Clubhouse | Can You Delete Messages?

Clubhouse was just an audio-based social media platform. But now, it has moved beyond audio chat and has introduced a text-messaging feature known as Backchannel.

Clubhouse Users can now send text messages to each other and also create a group chat.

However, Clubhouse’s Backchannel only supports text messages and there is no option to send media (photos, videos, files). As the Backchannel is recently introduced, we can expect more exciting features in the near future.

If you are a Clubhouse user, you must have an idea to use the new messaging feature.

In this blog post, I will be sharing “how to use chat on Clubhouse?”

How to Chat/Message in Clubhouse

The messaging feature allows 1:1 & group chat text messages.

  1. Tap on the airplane icon at the bottom next to the Start a room tab.
  2. Click on the pen & paper icon at the top-right corner.
  3. Search the user you want to message, then click on the arrow icon at the right. If you want to start a group chat, select multiple users and tap on the arrow icon.
  4. It will now open the chat. Type your message and tap on Send.

You can also message someone by tapping on the airplane icon on their profile. You can explore people by tapping on the search icon on the home screen of Clubhouse.

There are two tabs on Backchannel – Chats & Requests.

If someone you follow sends a message, the message will appear directly on the Chats tab. If you receive messages from people you don’t follow, their messages will be shown on the Requests tab.

Can You Delete the Messages You Have Sent?

Once you have sent a message to someone, you won’t be able to delete it. There is no option to delete the sent messages or the messages you have received.

Another downside of Backchannel Messaging is you won’t be able to know whether the other person has seen the message or not.

As the messaging feature is newly introduced on Clubhouse, it may come up with more cool features in the future.



  1. There should be deleting options .so please make deleting feature too please

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