How to Know If Someone Blocked You On TikTok

TikTok does not notify users when someone blocks them on its platform. However, it does not mean that you won’t be able to figure out if someone blocked you.

Several workarounds will help you determine whether a specific person has blocked you on TikTok.

We will cover in this article how to know if someone blocked you on TikTok.

Method 1: Examine Your Following List

Step1: Launch the TikTok app and hit your profile icon in the bottom-right corner.

Step2: Tap the Following button to see everyone you are following on TikTok.

Step3: Try to find the person you think has blocked you in your following list. People you are following on TikTok will vanish from your following list when they block you.

You will know that the person has blocked you when they no longer appear in your following list.

Method 2: Examine Messages and Comments

Step1: Launch the TikTok app and tap the notification icon in the bottom menu.

Step2: Tap any comment or mention you posted on the person’s TikTok clips. Alternatively, you can tap tags they used on their videos to mention you.

When the video fails to play, consider that the person may have blocked you on TikTok.

Method 3: Try to Follow the User

Step1: Launch the TikTok app and tap the discover icon in the bottom menu. 

Step2: On the discover page, search for the user by entering their username in the search bar.

Step3: Select the user from the results you think have blocked you. The bio and videos will not appear on their account if they have blocked you. However, it does not guarantee that the user has blocked you.

They may have made their account available to only a few chosen users. To determine if the person has blocked you, try to follow them by tapping the Follow button. Your account might be blocked if you fail to follow them and send a follow request.

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