Instagram Keeps Logging Out: Causes & Fixes

The Instagram app runs pretty smoothly most of the time. But sometimes, you may see the text “Sorry, we could not log you in” when you try to log into your Instagram account. This message often causes Instagram users great stress.

When people’s Instagram accounts keep logging out, they usually think that their account has been hacked. While the Instagram account being hacked is always a real possibility, there are many simpler reasons for the issue of logging out of accounts that are far more probable.

In this article, we will help you understand why your Instagram account keeps logging out and suggest appropriate fixes for them.  

Why Does Instagram Keep You Logging Out?

There could be multiple reasons behind your Instagram account’s repetitive logging out. But, you do not have to worry because we have got your back. We will now discuss one by one the most common reasons for the Instagram login problem and ways to fix them.

Ways to Fix Logging out Issue on Instagram

Not connected to the Internet– It may sound surprising but a large number of people can’t log in to their Instagram account simply because their device is not connected to the internet. So, first of all, make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Using VPN– Sometimes using VPN can affect your internet connectivity. To check if this is the case, turn off the VPN for a while and then try to log into your Instagram account.

Accumulated Instagram App Cache– The cache data of apps gets accumulated over time and it may affect the proper functioning of the app. It is easy to fix this problem. You just have to clear the cache data of the Instagram app, and don’t worry if you do not know how to do so. Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you clear the app’s cache data.

(On Android devices)

Step1: Tap Settings.

Step2: Tap Apps.

Step3: Tap Manage apps.

Step4: Select the Instagram app and tap on Storage.

Step5: Tap Clear data and select Clear cache.

(On iOS device)

Step1: Open Settings and go to General.

Step2: Tap on iPhone storage.

Step3: Locate and select the Instagram app.

Step4: Tap on Offload App.

After clearing cache data from the Instagram app, restart your device and try logging into your Instagram account.

Using Third-Party Apps to Increase Instagram Followers– Many apps claim to increase followers on Instagram. Many people use these apps to grow their Instagram account. People often give these third-party apps access to their Instagram account.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram does not approve of such activities and may prevent the users from logging into the Instagram app. If you are facing this problem, do not worry as it is easy to fix. You just have to revoke the permission of the party apps to access your account. Follow the below steps to revoke the permission from the third party apps.

Step1: Log into your Instagram account using a web browser.

Step2: Click on Settings.

Step3: Click on Apps and Websites.

Step4: Click on the remove option alongside the third-party apps.

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