Instagram Feed Showing Old Posts (2022) – Is Instagram Down?

Recently, while browsing Instagram I noticed that it shows only old posts that I have already seen. It doesn’t load new recent posts. Moreover, the feed doesn’t load more posts when you scroll down as it used to do usually.

If you’re here on this page, you might be facing the same issue. Let’s see what’s causing the problem.

Why Is Instagram Not Showing Recent Posts?

The reason for this issue is probably a glitch. However, Instagram hasn’t addressed the issue yet. They might be aware of this technical glitch and working to fix it.

For some users, Instagram even shows a “Welcome to Instagram” message which looks so weird.

You may need to wait for a few hours until Instagram fixes this issue. Anyway, you can try some of the potential fixes mentioned below.

How to Fix This Issue

Method 1) Switch your feed to Following

Tap the Instagram logo in the top-left, then select Following. This will show you recent posts from the accounts you follow.

Method 2) Try using Instagram Web

Log in to your Instagram account on your mobile browser or computer to see if the feed is refreshing.

Method 3) Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing your app cache may help to fix the issue. Here’s how to clear the Instagram cache on Android & iPhone.

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