How to Tell If Someone Follows You On Instagram 2022

If someone started following you, it is not guaranteed that they will follow you forever. After a period of time, they may unfollow you for some reason. And the catch is you won’t be notified if someone unfollows you.

You need to manually check if someone is following you or not. There are various different ways to do so. So, in this blog post, you’ll be discovering those ways to check if someone still follows you or has removed you from their following list.

How to Know If Someone Follows You On Instagram

There are three easy ways to see if someone follows you or not. Below is a detailed guide about these methods.

Using Their Profile

If you doubt someone isn’t following you, just visit their profile.

If you see a Follow Back button instead of a normal Follow button, that means he/she is following you. However, this method only works if you aren’t following them.

But what if you are following them? You will see the Following instead of Follow Back button. This makes it difficult to see whether they are following you or not. For this, you need to try the other methods as explained below.

Using Your Followers List

If the above method doesn’t work for you, this method surely would.

Step 1: Go to your profile and tap the Followers List.

Step 2: Now, it will list all the people who are following you. Using the search bar, search for the username or name to see if someone is following you.

If the person’s profile shows up, it means you are being followed by them. If not, you’re unfortunate.

Using Their Following List

This method is almost similar to as above. For this, visit the person’s profile and hit their Following List.

Search for your username in the search box. If your profile pops up, you are in luck. If not, they aren’t following you.

How to Know If Someone Follows You Back On Instagram

If you have followed someone and want to know whether they follow you back, then you can use methods 2 & 3 above to confirm whether they follow you back.

The other way is the default notification feature of Instagram. If someone follows you, you will be notified through notification with the message “username started following you”. If you’ve blocked notifications, tap the heart icon at the bottom which will show all your activity.

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