How to Stop YouTube Videos from Playing While Scrolling 2022

YouTube’s Autoplay concept which plays videos without clicking on them might be one of the most irritating features that you might have found in the app while scrolling through your home or subscription feed.

Well, someone may find this useful but the majority may not.

There are some disadvantages of the Autoplay Feature.

  • The video auto-plays without any sound.
  • If the video autoplay for more than 5 seconds, it automatically gets added to your Watch History without even watching the video.
  • Further, if you made up your mind to watch the same auto-played video later, it starts from where the autoplay was left before. You need to drag the bar to 0:00 to start from the beginning.
  • Your internet data is also consumed if the autoplay feature is on.

These are some of the downsides of the autoplay feature.

But luckily, there’s a way to get rid of this feature. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to stop videos from playing automatically on your home or subscription feed.

How to Stop YouTube Autoplay While Scrolling

It’s quite difficult to locate the autoplay option in your Settings as it is placed at a confusing menu. Follow the steps below to find it out in seconds.

1) Open your YouTube App.

2) On your home feed, click your profile icon present in the top-right corner.

3) Then, head over to the Settings menu at the bottom.

4) Next, go to the General Tab.

5) Select Muted playback in feeds. It may also be labeled as “Playback in feeds” in some of the devices.

6) Out of the three options, select Off. And that’s it, the autoplay feature is now disabled on your YouTube App.

There is also an option that says “Wi-Fi only”, which means it will autoplay videos while you are on a Wi-Fi connection instead of your Mobile’s Internet.

To make sure it is working, just visit your home feed and see the video is auto-playing or not.

Turn Off YouTube Autoplay on a PC

If you are on a PC or a laptop, the videos autoplay when you hover the mouse over the video. There is no option to disable this feature. To stop this autoplay, you just need to place the mouse outside the video area.

Final Thoughts

Autoplay may be useful when you just want to preview the video without clicking and decide whether it is right to watch the whole video or not.

But, it’s your choice whether to enable it or not as there are drawbacks of autoplay as mentioned above.

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How do I stop YouTube videos from automatically playing when I scroll?

You just need to turn off Muted playback in feeds under the settings menu which is explained in the article above.

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