How to See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram 2022

Instagram has got an update where the Followers & Following lists are not in chronological order. Also, the activity tab to track your followers and followings activity is no longer available.

Back then, the followers or following are listed in an order that is newest to the oldest or vice-versa.

So, if you want to know who someone has followed on Instagram, read the article below to find out how you can do it.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

It’s hard to track someone’s activity on Instagram as the activity tab has been removed from Instagram. However, there’s still a way to track someone.

Using Snoopreport – Instagram Activity Tracker Tool

Snoopreport is an online activity tracker tool to track someone’s activity on Instagram including follows and likes.

Step 1: Go to and register by clicking Get started.

Step 2: On the Sign-Up page, enter your email, password and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 3: After a successful sign-up, you’ll be taken to the dashboard.

Step 4: Now, click on the Add Account option at the top, tap Buy Subscription and select the plan of your choice.

Step 5: Pay the required amount to get your account ready.

Step 6: Click the Add Account button and enter the username you want to track.

Snoopreport will start tracking their activity and give you a report every week. Here are the report examples – Snoopreport’s Examples

The advantage of Snoopreport is your 100% anonymity, you do not need to provide your Instagram username and password, it only requires the username of the account that you want to track. Plus you can see anyone’s Instagram activity from up to 36 weeks in the past.

Using the Web Version of Instagram

This method explains if you can see the most recent followed profile by someone using the web version of Instagram.

Note: This method doesn’t guarantee you to get the followers in order. You can try it out if this works for you.

If you are using a mobile app and go to someone’s Followers or Following tab, it will list the profiles in random order.

To try your luck, just log in to your account in a browser on your mobile or PC and see their followers and following.

Most probably, the list will be shown in chronological order.

If it doesn’t work, there’s no other way to find their most recent followers or most recent followed profile directly on Instagram. If there’s any update regarding this in the future, it will be updated here.

The most preferred way is to use online tools like Snoopreport. Though it is paid, the service it delivers is awesome.

How to View Your Instagram Followers & Followings in Chronological Order

This method explains you to view your Instagram Followers & Followings in chronological order.

1) On your Instagram App, visit your profile and click the Followers tab.

2) Now, it will list all your followers.

The followers are listed in random order if you are using a mobile app. But it’s also seen that in some other mobile devices of another account, the followers are listed in order (recent followers at the top).

So, you can try this if it shows the most recent followers or not.

If this doesn’t work for you, just log in to your Instagram account in your mobile browser or PC and see the followers list.

Most probably it will show you in chronological order as it happens with me. I have tested using both mobile app and browser, the web version shows me the followers in order (most recent followers at the top).

How to see your followings in chronological order

Go to your Following tab and click on the sort icon (indicated by the upward & downward arrow).

It has three options as shown in the screenshot below.

Default: The one you have recently followed will be shown at the bottom. The default option is the same as the Earliest.

Date Followed: Latest – It will sort by placing the most recent followed profile at the top.

Date Followed: Earliest – Your oldest followed profile will be at the top and the recent one at the bottom.

You can adjust this setting to see your following list in order.

If you log in to your account on a mobile browser or a PC and check the following list, the list will be shown in order (most recent followed account at the bottom or vice versa).

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