How to Remove Account from Gmail – 5 Simple Steps

It is obvious that you may have more than one Gmail accounts. Having multiple Gmail accounts in your android makes information overload and removing the account is the way out to this problem.

It is important to know what account removal means and what are its outcomes. Removing an account is something different from deleting an account permanently.

Removing an account does not delete it permanently, it will simply not be accessible on your phone. You can’t access any Google services with that account and you need another Google account to use services like Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Photos, etc. You will not lose information like emails, photos, and files associated with that account.

You can still access your removed Google account just by signing in using your login credentials.

The procedure to remove an account may slightly vary from device to device or Android version.

Keeping those things in your mind, here’s how to remove account from Gmail in your android phone.

How to Remove Gmail Account from Your Android Phone

If you no longer need your account and want it to be removed from your phone, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Open your Phone Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Accounts. (it may also be written as “User Accounts” or “Manage Accounts” or “Accounts & Sync” or something else depending on your devices)

Step 3: Select Google from the listed options. Now, you will see all the signed accounts available on your device.

Step 4: Select the account which you want to remove from your device.

Step 5: Tap on three dots in the upper right corner and click on Remove Account.

Your selected Google Account will be successfully removed from your device. Now you will not see that account in your Gmail, YouTube, or Play Store.

If you want the account back in your device again, you can simply add an account using email and password.

How to Add Account in Gmail

If you want to add your account back to your device, follow the steps listed below.

Step1: Open Phone Settings.
Step2: Scroll and click on “Accounts”.
Step3: Click on Add Account.
Step4: Select Google and it will redirect you to another page.
Step5: Enter your previous email and password.
Step6: Click on Continue.

Your account will be added successfully to your device again.

How to Remove Account from Gmail using a laptop or pc

It is also possible to remove accounts from your pc or laptop. The procedure is somewhat different from the above. This method may slightly vary from browser to browser. Here, I have explained using Google Chrome.

Step1: Open Google or Gmail in your Chrome Browser.

Step2: If you are signed in you will see your profile in the upper right corner. Click on the profile and it will show all the signed accounts.

Step3: At the bottom, click on Sign out of all accounts(this is a must if you want to remove accounts). Make sure that you remember the passwords of all accounts. You will need them if you want to sign in again.

Step4: Find the account you want to remove and click on the drop-down button.

Step5: Click on Remove.

Your account will be removed from your Chrome Browser. You can follow the same procedure if you are using a different browser.

You can add it back again if you need it in the future. For this, you must click on Add another account, enter email and password. Your account will be accessible again in your browser.


I hope you understood the procedure on how to remove account from Gmail. It is just a simple process that needs five-six clicks and your account gets removed.

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