How to Post More than One Picture on Instagram 2021 – New Update

People are now asking questions like, “Why is Instagram not letting me post multiple photos or pictures?

Well the question is valid.

Instagram has recently made a big update regarding the Instagram Carousel (selecting multiple pictures at a time).

Earlier, there was an option known as “Select Multiple” which allows you to select up to 10 photos that you can add to your post feed.

But in the recent update, this option has been removed.

People are now confused about whether they will be allowed to add multiple pictures or not.

Thankfully, there’s still a way to select multiple photos on Instagram. There’s a slight change in the recent update.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram 2021

When you try to post on your feed and all your photos pop up, you just have to press and hold the first image to be included in the carousel post, then the option to select multiple photos will appear automatically.

This way you can add more than one picture to your Instagram post.


Why can’t I post more than one photo on Instagram?

Instagram has recently got a new update that has changed the way to post multiple photos which is explained in the article above.

How to add multiple pictures to Instagram post?

Press and hold one of the images you want to add to the post, then the option to select multiple pictures will appear.

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