How to Get Followers On Instagram Without Following 2021

You might have always dreamed of having huge Instagram followers. But, do you know the exact hack on how to increase followers on Instagram?

If not, in this article I have shared with you how you can optimize your Instagram profile and gain huge followers organically.

But before getting started let’s talk about the evolution of the booming platform that is Instagram.

Instagram, being launched in 2010 has become one of the most popular social media platforms these days.

It was just a photo-sharing application and now it has acquired 1Billion+ users across the world. The inclusion of Instagram Stories and Reels has made its growth even more explosive.

Most people love to use Instagram because of its simplicity and high user engagement rate. Millions of images, videos, and stories, and reels are uploaded each day and there are around 500 Millon daily active users.

This makes Instagram the most popular and the most engaged social media platform. Most of the brands and businesses are also promoting themselves on Instagram because of its wider reach.

There is also a huge potential to make money using the platform. For this, you need quality followers so that you can monetize your Instagram Page. There are various ways to make money on Instagram like influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, selling products or services, sponsored posts, and promotions.

Whether you have a niche page on Instagram or a Personal Brand, you need followers if you want to make money on Instagram. You just can’t gain followers without providing value to your audience. You must provide useful content that will help you to gain the audience fast.

Now you might be wondering how to get followers on Instagram fast. Don’t worry, I will guide you about the strategy that is needed to grow an Instagram Page organically and gain a targeted audience.

How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast

Gaining followers organically requires a bit of hard work and patience. You need to post consistently and provide valuable content to your audience. The below-mentioned strategy will help you to grow your followers.

Choosing a Perfect Niche

You just can’t make a general page and talk about everything to your audience. Research your interest well and decide a particular topic in which you are good at so that you can deliver the best content.

Some of the niches are health & fitness, weight loss, beauty, cooking, travel, photography, motivation, spirituality, business, and much more. Select a niche as per your interest.

Making an Attractive Profile

This is how you will make the first impression whenever someone sees your Instagram Page. Having an attractive profile will influence people to follow you. There are three things that will make your profile look good.

A Good Username: It is always recommended to have a short and easily rememberable username. Don’t use numbers and dashes or hyphens which make username difficult to remember. Also, your username should be relatable to your niche which will help you to gain trust with your audience and they will most likely follow you.

A Good Profile Picture: The first thing that people see on your page is a profile picture. Make sure to keep it simple and clear. If you are a personal brand, use a photo that clearly shows your face. For other pages, you can use a logo.

An Eye Capturing Bio: Instagram allows only 150 characters in bio, so make sure to use it wisely. Write what your page is about, what value you provide to them, and also use emojis wherever possible to make it look more attractive.

Having an eye-capturing profile will help you to gain more followers.

Posting Quality Content

It’s always said, “Content is King”. Your content decides how well your Instagram Page grows.

Find out useful content and upload them as images or videos with short and crisp captions that may be valuable for your audience. Consistency also plays an important role while building followers. If you provide high-quality content, chances are there that people will follow you and you can gain followers fast.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags will really help you to reach a larger audience. Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags in a post. Always use hashtags in your posts related to your content that will increase your reach and eventually help you to gain new followers on every post.

You can research hashtags from Instagram explore section and find all sized (small, medium, large) hashtags that can be added to your post.

This way you can get exposure to a large number of audiences which will grow your page exponentially.

Leveraging Instagram Stories & Reels

Stories have higher engagement as compared to your posts. I recommend you to post 5-6 stories a day in different time intervals. This will help the user to stay connected with your page actively.

The inclusion of Reels on Instagram has increased user engagement and retention. One of the best ways to grow your followers is to the advantage of Reels. Post valuable Reels on a frequent basis and see the followers sky-rocketing on your account. There’s more chance to go viral with Reels.

Collaborating with Other Pages

If you have fewer followers, then it’s time to collaborate with others who are similar to your niche.

You can cross-promote each others’ content and get exposed to a wider audience. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

You can also pay other influencers in your niche and promote your page to gain targeted followers within a short span of time.


If you use the above-mentioned strategy, you will definitely gain huge followers. With a little bit of consistency, you can gain hundreds of followers every day. There is no short trick to grow an Instagram page. All it takes is a smart strategy, consistency, and patience.

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