How to Get Dark Mode On Snapchat Without App Appearance [Android & iPhone]

Almost every social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter has a feature to enable dark mode inside their app or on their web version.

One of the most popular picture and video sharing apps, “Snapchat” was testing this feature since last year.

The good news is that the new dark mode feature has now rolled out widely to most of the iOS or iPhone users.

A new tab known as App Appearance has been added to enable the dark-mode or switch to different themes.

Snapchat users can now enable this feature under the settings menu and view photos and videos & interact within an app with a dark theme.

Below are the steps on how to enable it.

How to turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat on iPhone

1.Open Snapchat Application. Make sure the app is updated to the latest version.

2.Tap on the Profile Icon in the top left corner.

3.From the list of settings, select the App Appearance tab under the My Account section.

4.Three options will be listed as – Match System, Always Light, and Always Dark. Select Always Dark. Now the dark mode will be enabled in your app.

How to Get Dark Mode On Snapchat Without App Appearance
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Why App Appearance tab is missing

You just need to make sure that you have updated the app to the latest version.

If the App Appearance tab is missing in your app, then it’s likely that you are not eligible to enable dark mode. The dark mode feature is made available to only iOS users and those based in Australia & United States. The feature may be available to almost 90% of iPhone users.

You can wait until it’s made available to every user.

How to get dark mode on Snapchat on Android Samsung

The dark mode feature on Snapchat is only available to iOS users. The update is not yet rolled out for Android Users.,

It is expected to bring this dark mode feature in Android too in the coming future.

However, there is an alternate way to enable this dark-mode feature on Android by using the developers’ option.

There is an article published by XDA Developers on how to enable the unreleased dark mode on android >> How to enable the unreleased dark mode on Snapchat for android.

Note that for this to work, you must have a rooted android device.

This may become inconvenient for most of the users. So the better option is to just wait for the official update of the dark mode feature.

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