How to do the Beauty Filter on Tiktok – Countdown Challenge

Every day new trends pop up on TikTok. The recent one is known as “Countdown Challenge” and is now trending on the platform which requires a beauty filter.

People are now confused about how to do the beauty filter on TikTok and take part in the challenge.

Beauty Filter is not actually on TikTok but on an app called “FaceApp” where you enhance your photo with a makeup option.

How To Get The Beauty Filter On Tiktok

  • Download FaceApp from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and select your photo that you want to use.
  • From the icons present at the bottom, select the Makeup option.
  • Apply any of the filters that you want.

For the Countdown Challenge, you have to apply a beauty filter to your photo ten times.

And lastly, figure out the results on TikTok with the song Countdown by Beyonce and join this viral trend.

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