How to Change Text to Speech Voice On TikTok – New Female Voice

TikTok has recently changed the voice of its text to speech feature.

The reason to change the previous voice is that the actor behind the voice has claimed that she has not partnered with the app and has not authorized to use her voice.

People claim that they hear a different voice which is somewhat strange and have also expressed their disappointment towards this.

How to Use Text to Speech On Tiktok

1.Open TikTok App and select the video that you want to post.

2.Select Add text option from the bottom

3.After the text is written, press & hold the text box then select Text-Speech from the given options

4.This way the voice will be applied to the video.

However, the voice will be a new one as TikTok has removed the previous voice.

How to Change Text to Speech Voice On TikTok

At this moment, there is no feature on TikTok to change the voice.

The only option left is to use the online tool available on Google to change the voice.

People’s reactions on the new voiceover

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